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it sucks you don't have to tell me
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Just call me Yang
United Kingdom
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:bulletred::bulletwhite::bulletblack::bulletyellow:I just like to YANG around:bulletred::bulletwhite::bulletblack::bulletyellow:
Okami Journal Doll *Request* by RinShiami[By RinShiami]


I'm just some person who likes to draw and enjoys a lot of animation or video game stuff , like A hat in time, Okami, Splatoon and Life is Strange and stuff like that, ya know? Currently mega obsessed with RWBY and Overwatch rip

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I also have a Discord and Skype buuuut I ain't putting that on here. If you wanna know, you can PM me for it... just as long as we've talked before

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(Edit: Just updated a few sections with some... not exactly important but neat little things I almost missed)

I personally think it's really good! The character models and the graphics are very well done and the Pokemon designs and z-moves are pretty cool. Heck, the game actually gives it's main Legendary a personality which makes you feel more towards the Legendary rather than it being, well, just another Legendary Pokemon. The game did lag a bit during battles, especially double battles, but I think that might have been because I have an older model of the 3DS and I've heard that it doesn't lag much or even at all on the New!3DS. 

Some things that really helped in this game was actually showing you what moves were effective against the enemy Pokemon, as long as you had encountered them before. I suck at remembering a majority of type advantages and disadvantages so this really gives you a good idea of what Pokemon you'll need the most and which moves they should have as you progress through the game.
Also the Pokemon refresh mode is adorable but also helpful. The closer you are with the Pokemon, the better they do in battle. For example, they have a higher chance of avoiding moves, landing critical hits and even surviving at 1 health. This was also in the X/Y and OR/AS games but this time around, you could immediately go into the refresh after a battle and take care of them, even being allowed to get rid of Burns, Paralysis, e.c.t.

Now then, the story... It starts off alright. I mean, like almost everyone pokemon game, you're the new kid who's being allowed to get their first Pokemon and getting to go on a great adventure around the region, battling trainers and making your way to the top as the Champion. However, this time you didn't have gyms, you had trials. And these were actually some very fun and creative trials and actually gave real importance as to why you'd want to collect all the Z-Crystals.
I feel as if this made it more interesting and rewarding, rather than just being the same 'Go to point A, beat the gym, then Point B, beat that Gym there, then Point C, D, e.c.t.'. You really had to think about your team and what types you required as you were basically going to have to fight against almost every possible Pokemon type... except a few. 

(Note: This is where things are going to get Spoiler-y.)

After the Second Island, this is where the game's story starts to fall a little flat. Things felt rushed and there's a clearly obvious twist with the Aether Foundation being the real villains all along and Team Skull were kinda... disappointing for what they could have been, really. Though, I'd say that's probably my only nitpick with the game. Oh, and also, what was with the random flying type Elite at the end? She just kinda... came out of nowhere... I guess it was to make for the fact they had no flying type trial?

Finally, I've been saving the best category for last: The Characters. Ohhh my gosh, the characters. They're just so likable! Hau and Lillie are definite favourites for me. Hau because he's just so pure and happy all the time and Lillie because, well... same reasons as Hau, really, but also because she plays a very important role to the story. I wish Hau had a little more importance than just being the rival character but, hey, they did a good job with making him very likable... unlike some other rivals. Then you've got Gladion, who is also pretty important to the story but he just felt kinda... there. Like, he's the Secondary Rival who carries around a rare Powerful Pokemon experiment that was being treated poorly which lead him to run away with it... Though, I won't lie, he is still very likable and Type:Null is pretty cool. Lastly, you've got Lusamine and Guzma... they were very disappointing, really... I won't say too much just for the sake of the fact I've already gone into a lot of detail about other characters already but also because I'm half trying not to spoil the "true ending".

But, like I said at the start, the game was overall really good. The story did fall flat towards the end as things felt incredibly rushed but the characters and a lot of the gameplay itself really does make up for it. 

Now to end off this... review, I guess?.... I'm just going to leave one of my favourite themes from the game. It's just super relaxing.


Don't ever feel bad about shipping your OC with a canon character. When you think about it; those "canon" characters are literally just OCs that are made by famous people and companies... I mean.. someone had to make up those characters in the first place right?
Ren Re-Draw
Redraw of this

Yeah, originally it was for the 22nd specifically but I just felt like I should re-draw it just to make up for some other things.
More for fun but it's nice to see how I've slightly improved. Istillcan'tdrawhandshhhh
Unused Final Art Exam Practice Piece
Huh, it's been a while-

Soooo if you didn't know, I had an art exam waaay back after the Easter Holiday finished
This was my initial idea I had for it and ohhhh boy
It ended up... not being good enough in the actual exam when I re-drew it. (Not surprising honestly kek)
Everything else like the coursework and build up were fine though.

I did end up re-doing it and I am very proud of the newer version but I honestly think this mini one is the best things I did
I just feel like it actually looks like a wolf for once hehe
Splatoon 2 Single Player looks hype as heck :0
C all i e wh at h appe ned
I should probably do more full body and posing stuff instead of headshots tbh... 


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